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Snow White Tawas Powder (With Perfume) Yellow 50g


Snow White Tawas Powder (With Perfume) Yellow 50g

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      • Skin Pigmentation: Tawas powder is renowned for its natural skin-lightening properties, effectively minimizing the appearance of dark spots and uneven skin tone caused by excessive pigmentation. With regular use, it fosters a more uniform complexion, bestowing the skin with a luminous and radiant glow.
      • Acne Marks: The astringent nature of Tawas powder plays a pivotal role in drying out and tightening the skin, proving highly effective in reducing the visibility of acne marks and scars. Its antiseptic properties further aid in preventing bacterial growth, lowering the risk of new acne formation and promoting a clearer, blemish-free complexion.
      • Age Spots: Targeting age spots, also known as liver spots or sun spots, Tawas powder can be topically applied to lighten these areas, contributing to a more youthful and even skin tone. Its astringent qualities help firm the skin, diminishing the appearance of age-related imperfections and fostering a rejuvenated complexion.
      • Underarms: Embraced as a natural alternative to commercial deodorants, Tawas powder boasts antimicrobial properties that effectively control the growth of odor-causing bacteria. Its application not only ensures underarm freshness but also imparts skin-lightening effects, promoting a smoother and evenly toned underarm area for enhanced confidence and comfort.

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